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The "raison d'être" of Euro Veda health care® 

Well-being in a global approach:

The name "Euro Veda" has been created by our scientific advisor, inspired by his long years of practical medical experiences. Veda means in Sanskrit "The Knowledge". It is our intention to highlight the European knowledge, the wisdom existing in Europe for thousands of years, successfully used in traditional medicine, which originates in the teachings of Hippocrates and Galen.

Born from the idea of many professionals with different skills to bring in the market with a huge  demand of natural products.

Our intention is also to introduce in the market all the medical alternative equipments.


We are particularly interested in:

  • Distributors introduced in geographical areas for the resale of our ranges of: bio organic food supplements, organic make-up and cosmetics (see the section work with us)

  • Publishers and e-shops in search of high quality natural products to offer their customers new product ranges.

  • Doctors and practitioners wishing to increase the scope of their interventions and care by acquiring or renting equipment (eg. colon hydrotherapy machines) to be trained by specialists to use the equipments and to receive the advice of other collegues.


We have observe that it is complex to be able to meet an aggregate demand for products and care to clients who wish to keep a coherent and healthy approach in multiple aspects of their life-style in order to preserve or improve their health.


Often uninformed they are lost in an “ocean of products”, of health care or methods thus limiting the effectiveness of the expected results.


In our workshops, we can inform your customers about methods and consumptions of products which are suggested by our Scientific Advisor for their efficiency and their manufacturing with strict standards in natural and organic products enabling them to achieve the objectives for a permanent health and beauty.









Field of intervention

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